To Do List

- Make plans for and a Maple School Playground

- Be sure that all students of all abilities can play there

- Try other All Abilities Playgrounds to see how they work.

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Why We Are Fundraising

All Abilities Playground

Nina shares some reasons why Maple Students would benefit from a playground.

Recess Time

Because everyone needs play!

Maple School Fundraising Committee

The vision of the Maple School Playground Committee with the Maple PTO, is to create a fun and safe playground where middle school youth of all abilities can have social interaction in a space which promotes play, exercise, and learning, as they interact with one another. Please contact a board member if you would like to join our committee or have an idea to share.

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More Information

Why would middle school students still want or need a playground? When the concept of a new building for Maple School was initiated, there was no playground/park in the plans. Later, district administrators began asking the students what they felt was the most important thing to have at a new school. To everyone's surprise, the most common answer was “We want a playground.”

The district decided that it was important to move forward on plans to build a playground at the new Maple School that was most conducive to student social, emotional, and physical health.

Consequently, during a meeting of the Maple Playground Committee, administrators asked Student Council members to find out what types of equipment they envisioned in their playground space. The kids provided valuable input. After much discussion, they decided they wanted a place where every student would have a place to interact together, regardless of physical abilities.

Active Play

Experts agree on the importance of getting children moving regardless of their age. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows a large decline in physical activity levels in youth. The message is simple. Students need to get out and play! Many parks are geared to a younger age group which makes older children shy away from using them. The new Maple School playground/park is designed so that all who visit will find ways to be active.