Building Our Children's Future - Brick-By-Brick at Maple School!

Members of our District 30 community have requested that donors supporting Maple School's All Abilities Playground be memorialized with an addition of personalized bricks at the new Maple School. Examples of these types of bricks can be viewed at Glenview Park District’s Park Center, and at the Northbrook and Glenview Public Libraries.

In response to resident appeals, Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley found a way to help the PTO provide bricks representing donors with installations at the new Maple School. All current families, corporations, alumni, and their families will now have the opportunity to be a part of a building that will prepare our children for the best in 21st century learning experiences.

A $150 or more playground donation entitles the donor(s) to have their name or family names (each brick includes a maximum of two sixteen character lines of text counting spaces) added to a brick paver. The brick will remain in Maple's Patio outside of the Cafetorium next to a garden for the life of the brick. It will be installed in the fall.

We ask Corporate donor(s) for a $200 minimum donation.

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More Information

Why would middle school students still want or need a playground? When the concept of a new building for Maple School was initiated, there was no playground/park in the plans. Later, district administrators began asking the students what they felt was the most important thing to have at a new school. To everyone's surprise, the most common answer was “We want a playground.”

The district decided that it was important to move forward on plans to build a playground at the new Maple School that was most conducive to student social, emotional, and physical health.

Consequently, during a meeting of the Maple Playground Committee, administrators asked Student Council members to find out what types of equipment they envisioned in their playground space. The kids provided valuable input. After much discussion, they decided they wanted a place where every student would have a place to interact together, regardless of physical abilities.

Active Play

Experts agree on the importance of getting children moving regardless of their age. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows a large decline in physical activity levels in youth. The message is simple. Students need to get out and play! Many parks are geared to a younger age group which makes older children shy away from using them. The new Maple School playground/park is designed so that all who visit will find ways to be active.